Tiki Fire Pit and Wood Pack


Hey there, friends! Today I’m dropping in to introduce you to the Tiki Brand Fire Pit and Wood pack! I’m excited to share the news that the days of sitting by a camp fire waiting for wood to light, or playing musical chairs trying to escape the smoke are long gone. This newly designed fire pit from Tiki has changed the game of outdoor gatherings!

Speaking of outdoor gatherings, when is the last time you and your spouse/partner had a date night? We know first hand how difficult it can be to set up childcare, and having four kiddos, it can be tricky finding the time to actually have an adult conversation together! Can you relate? Adding this fire pit to our home has been life changing. Scot and I had not one, not two, BUT THREE date nights in a row and it’s all because of the new technology created within this fire pit. Let’s get into the logistics of why were such huge fans of this fire pit.

Come along with us on a date night while we share just why we love this fire pit so much!

Before we got started on our fire, we created the most delicious charcuterie board with a spread of green grapes, pepperoni, smoked gouda cheese, hummus, and pita chips! Are you guys a fan of charcuterie boards? I CANNOT get enough of them!

Once we had our food prepared and ready to go we got all of our materials set up on the patio. This fire pit from start to finish literally took us TWO MINUTES to put together! All we had to do was attach the fire pit to the leg base and we were ready to go. The most hassle free fire pit on the market hands down.

In our set up below you see the fire pit, the wood packs, and the fire pit poker. Again, the wood handle you see at the bottom of the fire pit is the pull out ash pan so that you can easily empty your ashes once you’re done with your fire!

Here’s a better look at the ash pan below, along with a close up of the handle!

With all of our materials set up, we took a step back to admire our date night scenes. Guys, this felt so magical to have everything ready to go in five minutes flat. I mean the quickest date night prep ever!

Let’s just right into date night shall we! We’re going to take you guys through the entire process of using this Tiki fire pit, and share all the reasons why we love it so much, and know that you will, too!

First you’ll want to make sure your cone is placed in the center of your fire pit. This is what your wood pack will lay over prior to lighting. This brings us to the first reason why we are so obsessed with this fire pit, and that’s the instant light features.

Continue reading for the impressive creation inside these wood pack bags!


These instant light wood packs are made of upcycled sawdust and compacted into little pellets! You’ll simply place your wood pack over the cone inside the fire pit and light each corner with your lighter. The bags light effortlessly and so quickly. They will give you approximately 30 minutes of burn time! The best part is you can also use real firewood. Just make sure it’s cut down to 16 inch pieces ensuring that it will fit safely and properly inside of your Tiki fire pit! Here’s just a few minutes after lighting the wood pack bag.

The next feature we absolutely love, and what has been a game changer for us is the low smoke.


Tiki knocked it out of the park when it comes to the low smoke feature. This fire pit has an internal air flow system and is engineered to create little to no smoke. That handle you see in the image above is the handle for your ash pan! Less ash=less mess and I don’t know about you, but that is so extremely convenient for clean up! Actually sitting around, and enjoying your warm fire pit without having to inhale a cloud of smoke.

When your wood pack has been burning for awhile (remember that you get approximately 30 minutes out of these wood pack bags) you can add real wood to your fire pit. However, before adding it make sure its cut down to 16 inches, ensuring that it will fit securely and safely inside the fire pit.

Even after we added real wood to the fire pit we didn’t experience any smoke thanks to the external airflow system! Now that the fire was lit, it was time to get cozy, snuggle, and enjoy eachothers company next to the warm fire!

There’s even so much beauty once your fire completely burns out and you’re left with embers. Check out the shot of Scot below stirring up the embers with the fire pit poker!

I really really hope you guys can get your hands on this beauty for your backyard! In order for that to happen we need to rally together to get this bad boy funded. Right now Tiki Brand is on Kickstarter and they’re SO CLOSE TO BEING FULLY FUNDED! There are 9 days left to pledge. Let’s make this happen!

If you want a hassle free, low smoke, real wood, real heat fire pit THIS is the fire pit for YOU, my friends. It’s so incredibly magical and I want to get one for every single person in our family for Christmas. Check out the kickstarter HERE, share this blog post with your friends and family on Facebook and Instagram, tag our account @thisminimalhouse so that we can see! If the Tiki fire pit is funded production will start on 12/1. Shipping will begin 3/2*!

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