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Last night we had our first backyard movie night, and it was SUCH A BLAST! Creating an outdoor movie theater has been on our upcoming summer to-do list. However this quarantine has expedited a few of our plans. We want to make sure we are spending as much time together making memories as possible during this time. Last night we did just that! It was so sweet to see the kids faces light up as they walked outside and saw the movie screen with their candy and popcorn containers!

Backyard plans:

We have slowly been planning the landscaping area around our new DIY shed (for an updated shed photo click HERE). While we don’t have a patio set up with outdoor furniture yet, that didn’t stop us from enjoying a family movie together. We improvised by moving the older boys futon outside! It was a little chilly so we also brought our camping sleeping bags out, too! We had the string lights on during this photo, but unplugged them while the movie was playing!

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What we bought:

We bought a mini indoor/outdoor movie projector. The projector is incredibly crisp, just like it said on the description. It is also compatible with our sons’ Chromebook, which made our movie night really convenient! The HDMI cable makes this movie projector compatible with several different devices. Even if you don’t have a chromebook this projector will work for your outdoor movie theater.

Our setup:

We had the movie projector sitting on our ladder, but the reviews say it can also work as rear projection (we haven’t tried it…yet!). You can also place it behind your screen so that it’s not in the way of your movie night set up. The movie screen we purchased is incredibly user friendly and inexpensive! Luckily we had two pine trees perfectly spaced allowing us to attach our screen to the trees using these hooks! The screen comes with two separate packs of string to attach, we only used ours on the top of the screen, and the hooks for the rest!

Our kids love to watch Impractical jokers. It is such a funny show and didn’t disappoint! We kept the food and candy for our movie night pretty simple. We did Instacart for popcorn, candy and s’mores and put them in little containers for the kids so they felt like they were at the actual movies!

Another fun idea for backyard movie theater seating would be to use your trampoline! This would also make clean up easier if you have rain in the forecast. This way your indoor furniture won’t get wet. For the upcoming summer nights we’re going to put these mosquito plants and spray at the top of our must haves!

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