DIY shed ramp

How to build your own storage ramp out of scrap wood!

Today we said goodbye to stubbed toes, busted shins, and fallen tools. Gone are the days of struggle. We desperately needed a ramp for our shed opening. If you can imagine, it was really fun watching our kids, and us, try to carry all the bikes and tools back and forth with that step down.

The ground around the shed, in fact our entire yard, isn’t level so the structure we created for our ramp accommodated that. We specifically built it this way because of the slope of the ground, and the entry angle. This isn’t necessarily a material list DIY project, as we used whatever scrap wood we had laying around, however we constructed it from 2×4’s, deck boards, and deck screws.

We started by measuring the opening of our shed, making sure our ramp was low enough for shed door clearance. Then we cut a 2×4 ledger board to attach our four support pieces.

We opted not to angle our 2×4 supports solely because this ramp won’t be bearing any weight besides foot traffic. Here’s an above shot for a visual after they were all screwed together using deck screws.

Next we cut 2×4’s and added them for horizontal support, similar to deck joists so that the deck boards don’t span more than 16 inches.

Here are some photos after the horizontal 2×4 supports we’re installed.

Next we grabbed our deck boards are cut them to the length we needed them based on our slope. We used our angle finder to determine the angle to cut the end of the deck board closest to the shed. We left the other side flat. You can angle the part that touches the ground if you want to.

Here’s how all the deck boards looked once they were lined up.

Next we took our chalk line and made a line across the boards so that we could cut the appropriate angles.

Below you’ll see where we made our cuts on the first couple of boards.

The photo below is when all the angle cuts were made.

We wanted the same textured finish as our DIY planter box. If you didn’t catch that post, click the button below.

To get the texture we wanted we used this product by using the same technique of using our paint brush, and then going back through with this textured roller. Here’s how our DIY shed ramp looks now that it’s completely patched with wood filler, and painted.

I LOVE how it looks more uniform and finished, especially now that we have the DIY planter box there.

Also, I know I mentioned it in another post, but ignore the paint on the front of the shed. When we painted a second coat a month or so ago, it wasn’t color matched correctly.

ANYWAYS! Thanks for much for stopping by and checking out our DIY shed ramp! Are you guys following along on Pinterest? We share all of our DIY projects and what’s inspiring us! There’s always new behind the scenes content going down on Instagram, too!

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