DIY sliding closet door

Today I’m going to be sharing how we took our dated 1963 reach in closet, and turned it into a modern and minimal beauty. All of the closets in our home are reach in closets. When we moved in they all had original bi fold doors, and at the time we had young children. We lived with the bi fold doors for as long as we could, but eventually they came down.

The kids reach in closets are still door-less and we’ve created fun spaces in each. One closet was turned into a rock wall, and the other houses a dresser and gorgeous photo ledge with pictures. For our room however, I needed the ‘clutter’ or Scot’s clothes if we’re being honest, to be covered up. We have a much smaller master bedroom than the majority. In fact it’s the same size as our children’s room. It has just enough space for our king size bed and some diy hanging ikea cabinets.

We had a few things we were looking for in our new closet design. We knew that we didn’t want the doors to swing at all, because space was an issue. We weren’t a fan of bi fold doors because we’re terrified of squished fingers. We wanted it to blend into the wall effortlessly and not take away from the room. We wanted to incorporate wood tones.

First a list of materials you’ll need to create these sliding closet doors.


Here’s a timelapse video of the DIY sliding closet door install.

Essentially here are the simple, easy, and quick steps to install your DIY modern sliding closet door.

  1. Remove old trim and doors from closet.

  2. Install new closet door track to the top of your closet frame. (Refer to instructions)

  3. Install the floor guide. (Refer to instructions)

  4. Measure the closet opening to determine your closet door widths.

  5. Cut your new closet doors with your table saw.

  6. Install rollers to the top of each door. (Refer to instructions)

  7. Insert one door at a time on the track.

  8. Measure the outside of the closet to determine trim size.

  9. Cut trim with your table saw.

  10. Install your trim using your nail gun.

Can you believe it?? That’s it. That’s all you have to do to transform your dated reach in closet to a modern one! Check out this before and after.

We hope you guys enjoyed this short, but informative blog posts on how you can upgrade your closet! Are you hanging out with us on Instagram? We’re working on our third One Room Challenge and are always posting behind the scenes over there. Pinterest is also one of our favorite spots to share what’s inspiring us, including our DIY projects.

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