Minimalist cleaning routine

Being minimalists allows us to have a pretty low key, time saving regiment. Every day we do the same quick cleanup that completely sets us up for success for the rest of the day. Our Irobot plays a huge role in our cleaning regiment. We recently added it to our favorite cleaning products for a reason, it’s absolutely phenomenal. If you don’t have an Irobot, we highly recommend investing in one if you can. Our Irobot runs every single morning at 7:30 am, and sometimes we’ll run it at night too depending on how much dog hair we’re dealing with!

One of my favorite features is that we can control the Irobot directly from their app, which allows us to clean our floors even if we’re not home. The bin itself on the Irobot is really easy to both empty and manage, the app let’s us know in our notification settings if the vacuum is experiencing any issues. We were so impressed at how quickly and efficiently it learned the layout of our house!

There are also several new fun gadgets that you can purchase along with the Irobot. We have our eyes on the automatic dirt disposal , not that emptying the bin is a chore, but it would be nice since we do have so much dog hair for it to empty when it ports, and then restart immediately. Another gadget we’re eyeballing is the Irobot mop. Can you imagine being away from home and your Irobots both sweep AND mop while you’re gone? That sounds like a vacation to me!! We regularly clean our Irobot parts, but it’s also never a bad idea to invest in a few extras, like this high efficiency filter pack or the replenishment kit!

Aside from how much energy and time our Irobot saves us on a daily basis, we do other small daily tasks that allow our minimal home to stay clean and tidy. Today I wanted to share a short to-do list that we tackle every single day to ensure that we’re not dedicating any extra time cleaning when we could be living and making memories.


  • Put away clean dishes from dishwasher and load any dirty ones that were left behind in the sink (this is usually rare)

  • Remove the clean clothes from the dryer and put entire load away. Doing this ensures that we won’t get backed up on laundry.

  • Put clothes from washer into dryer and start. We have a lot of clothes to wash, especially with our weekends being occupied with baseball tournaments. If you can imagine, things get pretty dirty.

  • Make beds.

  • Wipe down toilet seats and bathroom counters.

That’s it! I told you our minimal everyday cleaning routine is short and sweet. We have our minimalist lifestyle to thank for that.

What is one product/thing in your life that allows you to have more free time?? Do you have an Irobot? Have you thought about investing in one or any of the Irobot products? We can’t recommend them enough. Let us know if you guys have any questions about the Irobot in the comments! We posted this Irobot photo on our Instagram feed, too. Come join the conversation by clicking the button below!

Thanks for much for stopping by and checking out our minimalist cleaning routine. If you’re struggling with clutter and a cleaning routine we would love to chat about how minimalism completely changed our lives for the better. Shoot us an email at or drop a DM on Instagram!

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