DIY wood slat wall shelf

Our family room walls are pretty bare, and when I say pretty bare, I actually mean they’re empty. I used to hang stuff on the walls without a second thought left and right. I would leave whatever it was up for a few months. Then, I would want to take it down and swap it out for something else. This meant joint compound, patching, drying, sanding etc to make sure my wall looked brand new.

These days I’m a little more particular about what goes up on the wall. I am going for design longevity when it comes to my choices these days. That means if I decide to hang something on the wall, I like it enough to stare at it for the next couple of years. However, this forces me to invest more time in what I really love within the walls of our home.

The plan:

I’ve been wanting something next to our couch for awhile now, as we currently have our Google sitting on the floor, which probably isn’t the safest spot for it. We were also in desperate need for a remote station. We’re always losing our remote, and if the remote has a place, then gone are the days of digging through the couch cushions fighting the Cheeto puffs and broken legos, aka finger crushers.

For instance, I was searching Pinterest for some wall shelf inspiration, and came across this shelf that really stuck out to me from Crate and Barrel.

I ended up having a few extra pieces of wood leftover from our big hallway transformation, and decided to re purpose those into something new. This would save me a significant amount of money, and I would only have to purchase enough wood for the actual shelf where our belongings would sit.

Fast and easy:

This DIY would slat wall shelf took me all of five minutes to build, and it was an EXTREMELY easy cut list! I don’t know about you guys but there’s nothing more frustrating then finding something online or on Pinterest, and then trying to read the tutorial and being so confused you just give up. Some of our most popular posts are our furniture builds, and SOLELY because the tutorials are so easy to follow. Check out some of our faves below!

So are you ready to build this DIY wood slat wall shelf?! Let’s do this! First up a list of materials.


(This photo has 10 (TEN) 29.5 INCH 1×2 boards, however I cut one of those 10 down to 20 inches to put on top of my shelf. I will explain this in the photos!)

First- make all of your cuts using your miter saw!

I am a visual person, so I actually used this photograph as my template. I held it up on the spot I wanted it on the wall and marked the corners. This DIY wood slat shelf is going to be much smaller than my original inspiration photo above.

Once all of my 29.5 INCH pieces were cut, I cut the 20 INCH back supports pictured below.

I brought all of the materials into the basement for the assembling portion because we were about to get a huge storm.

First I attached my 29.5 INCH 1×2 boards to the 20 INCH back support pieces with my nail gun.

Next I took my 20 INCH 5.5 boards and attached them to the wood slats.

Lastly, not photographed for this tutorials, I added a 20 in 1×2 piece to the top to finish the look of the shelf. (You can see this in the after photos below!)

I attached the DIY wood slat wall shelf to our wall next to our couch using our stud finder and these screws, making sure it was level.

Finally, the shelf was complete and ready to be hung! Ready for the after photos of our super easy and quick modern wall shelf? Check it out below!

Final results:

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