How to make a vase from a flat piece of wood

When it comes to decor we have a handful of vases that we love. Some are thrifted, some were purchased on,but all of them have their own unique look. I’ve sprayed some of our vases with my favorite spray paint. I’ve “flicked” paint on using an old toothbrush and extra paint. I love to add additional textures.

Today I’m going to show you how to transform a flat piece of leftover wood and turn it into a round vase! Sounds fun right? It’s actually way easier than you think, too! You’’ll need a few materials to make this DIY vase.

Wood glue
Tape (You can use any tape, I used duct tape I had on hand)
Paint (you can easily use leftover paint/paint sample from Home Depot
Clamps (If you don’t have clamps you could also used two wraps of tape/rope to secure)

So let’s get started shall we?!

First I started out with a scrap piece of MDF that we had leftover from our diy modern desk build. The edges were kind of sloppy, so I cleaned them up on our table saw to give me straight edges. Next I placed it on our miter saw!

This step is very important to make sure this DIY turns out. You’ll want to rotate your blade to 12 degrees (I’ve also made a handle full more at using a 15 degree angle)!

After your blade is ready to go you’ll want to tape off a spot/measure how big you want your pieces to be for your vase. I did this by placing some duct tape on the miter saw! That way I could line up my boards each time, ensuring they were the same size!

After you line up your first board and make you’re cut you MUST TURN THE BOARD OVER before making the next cut. This is an imperative step, if you do not do this step, the vase will not work. So remember, CUT, turnover cut, CUT, turnover cut, CUT and so on.
Place all cut boards to the side as you make your way down your scrap piece of wood.

I ended up with 16 pieces total for my diy wood vase (I added two more after doing a trial run and realized I needed to more for it to complete the round vase!)

Next you’ll want to take a piece of any sandpaper you have and sand the edges. This will give your vase a cleaner look prior to putting it together. Just saves you some sanity during the finishing process.Once all your pieces are you’ll want to lay out whatever tape you have. You’ll have two long lines of tape that will fit the height of your boards.

By doing this you’ll be able to “roll” your vase and all the angled parts will be flush with one another! When you have all of the boards for your vase placed on the tape it will look like this!

Next you’ll want to grab your glue and insert it in the middle of each board! I added way too much glue, remember your joints are really small, so it doesn’t take much!

Once all of your boards have glue you’ll want to roll your vase up like a pumpkin roll. Slowly roll the boards into a circle until the end boards meet! Secure the around the end boards to hold it in place.

Finally you’ll want to grab a clamp and clamp it together while it dries! You can tell I used WAY TOO MUCH glue, don’t make the same mistake I did! A few small drops will suffice.

You’ll want to let your vase completely dry, making sure it’s solid and sturdy!Once dry take your sandpaper and lightly sand the entire vase giving it a more ‘rounded’ look. If you still have small gaps in between your boards you can either leave it, or you can fill with caulk. After that is dry go crazy on the finishing touches of your vase! Paint your diy wood vase with paint,spray it, or leave it as is! Then style away!

Here’s what this MDF scrap wood vase looked like once I was finished it. You guys know I love some texture, so of course I had to cover it with joint compound. Have you seen our other DIY joint compound DIY?

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out our easy tutorial for how to make a vase from a flat piece of wood. Make sure you’re following along on Instagram and Pinterest for more project behind the scenes and inspiration.

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