DIY basketball hoop

Our kids love playing any and all sports, however this over the door plastic basketball hoop has been such a hit over the years. If you’re a parent than I’m sure you’ve owned one of these before. Yesterday when we were rearranging bedrooms trying to get situated before our digital learning begins, I decided to give their plastic basketball hoop a makeover. We wanted it to both match the aesthetic of their room, and to stop banging against the door every time they dunked the ball.

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Before we get started here’s a photo of what the plastic basketball hoop looked like once it was finished and assembled! This is going to be a really short and sweet blog post!

I didn’t take that many photos during this DIY project, I did however video it. I have attached a video below that includes a step by step process of how to make your own DIY basketball hoop.

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DIY basketball hoop

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