Hysterectomy- What to expect the day of surgery

Today I wanted to share my personal hysterectomy surgery timeline. My timeline might not mimic yours, but it should give you a good idea of what to expect for your own surgery day. I’m going to briefly outline my day starting from hospital arrival to coming out of surgery. Continue reading my hysterectomy what to expect the day of surgery below.


Surgery was going to begin at 10:30 a.m. Pre-op was going to begin at 8:30 a.m. I would suspect that most hysterectomy surgeries happen earlier in the day. We had about an hour commute thanks to morning rush hour traffic. Nothing to crazy, justtt enough time to make me think of all the horrible scenarios that could take place in the next two hours.

When Scot, our daughter, and I arrived at the hospital we went straight to the pre-op waiting room to sign in. If you don’t preregister you’ll most likely have to sign in downstairs at the hospital patient admissions. We we’re able to skip this step since I did all my pre-registration and blood work a few days prior. Also in case you’re wondering we we’re able to bring our four year old without any issues. Definitely double check with your doctor though because it might be different at every hospital.


At pre-op check in you’ll need to provide your packet of information your doctor gave you at your last pre-op appointment, along with your insurance card and license. I had to fill out one piece of paper and then we sat down in the waiting room. Your waiting room might have a t.v placed in it. On the t.v you’ll see a list of all the surgeries for the day.

We were handed a buzzer that Scot could hold onto while I was back in pre-op letting him know when he could come back along with surgery updates from my surgeon. The hospital will call your cell phone to confirm that you made it to the correct waiting room. Two minutes later they called my name and I walked back. I was full of nerves at this point.

No visitors are allowed to go back with you to pre-op. When I got back there they took my weight and height and took me to my pre-op room. Next you’ll be handed a cup to leave a urine sample. I started my period two days before my surgery, so if that’s the case with you to, don’t stress. You can still have your surgery while on your period, and your urine sample can have blood in it. No big deal.

What to expect:

There were about 15 or so pre-op rooms in my hallway. You’ll recieve a hospital bag to place all of your belongings in. The nurse will have you fill out a form detailing every item you brought with you. This portion also included a blood transfusion consent if any complications were to arise. Of course I checked “YES” because not dying today, Karen.

Next you’ll wipe down your entire body with sterile wipes. I had three packs of these wipes. First I wiped down the top portion of my body with one wipe, including arms, armpits, neck and chest, and then the bottom portion of my body with the second wipe, including lower abdomen, legs, feet. When I was done with that I put my gown on and hopped in my nice warm bed. When my nurse came in, she used the last wipe to wipe down the back of my neck and my back for me!

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The wardrobe:

The best had a Bair hugger forced air warming blanket on it. I wore my own socks, but changed into the gripper hospital socks they provided since I knew I would be walking around post surgery. I also had the privilege of sporting these high fashion mesh pantiesand a pretty sweet astronaut hair cap. If you’ve had children you’ll be familiar with these. Also don’t worry if you started your period before surgery like I mentioned above, they will have a pad ready for you to wear with your mesh underwear!

As far as jewelry went, my nurse said they could tape my nose ring, or I could remove it. I have never taken it out before so I opted for the surgical tape. I’m not sure how it would work with earrings so you’ll have to double check with your doctor prior to surgery!

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It was finally time to get the IV started. This is a pretty generic and simple part of the process.

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The nurse will place a motion sickness patch behind your ear. In case you’re not familiar with these DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT touch it with your fingers. This is what contributed to one of the things I mentioned in my five things I wish I would’ve been prepared for post.Here is a photo of my sterile wipes before my nurse came in to do my back, along with the amazing blanket warmer that made it a little more comfortable in the cold hospital room.

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Time for surgery:

Finally, everything was prepped for surgery. The last person I was anxiously waiting to see was my amazing anesthesiologist. Who by the way was just absolutely phenomenal! (There was zero recollection of the trip down the hallway to surgery so major success).

This timeline obviously won’t outline any memory from the OR room, since I don’t have any. It was an emotional rollercoaster.

Stay tuned for my next hysterectomy update!

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