Handy gadgets for your home

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Round ups are one of our favorite things to put together for our readers. These handy gadgets for your home are guaranteed to improve your daily lives. Firstly, these gadgets will make your life so much easier. Secondly they’re eco friendly. Lastly they’re absolutely genius! If you’d like to view some of our other rounds up make sure to check out our products we love page, where we feature our favorite product round ups!

These are some of our top picks for random gadgets you need to add to your home. We hope you enjoy this round up!

  1. Back Scratcher– Have you ever had an itchy back? Have you ever had a spot you just couldn’t reach? Then this cute little back scratcher is the perfect solution to your problem!
  2. Portable USB charger- Are you working on the go? Do you need a place to plug in your phone and laptop? This portable USB charger is a great charging solutions for your working productivity.
  3. Mighty handle– Do you ever feel like you’re running out of hands? These mighty handles will help you double if not triple the amount your hands can carry. They also come in an array of colors.
  4. Clip on strainer– This strainer fits most pots and pans and will make your cooking experience smooth and effortless. Add this to your kitchen utensil stash asap!
  5. Reusable straws- I use this straw every single day of the year. Every friend and family member needs to be gifted these! Save the planet, and every sip of water is extra cold!
  6. Leakproof salad container– I love eating salads, but making them, storing them, and them bringing them places can be pretty difficult. These leakproof salad containers make all of your salad making dreams come true!
  7. Cooling towel- Whether it’s summer or you’re working out, everyone needs this cooling towel to cool down! Add it to your gym bag and never be overheated again! These are also great for baseball games!
  8. Garlic peeler- Garlic is so good for you, and I always try and incorporate it into as many meals as possible. This garlic peeler cuts back on prep time and allows me to multi task in the kitchen!

What do you guys think of these handy gadgets for your home? Do you want to purchase any of them? If so we would love to know which product is your favorite! Save the graphic above to Pinterest in case you want to save these products for a later date.

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