House cleaning products that will change your life

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We spend so much of our time cleaning during the day. Whether it’s sweeping and mopping, or trying to catch up on laundry. That’s why today I’m sharing a few house cleaning products that will change your life! Do you love discovering new cleaning products on the market for your cleaning needs? Great! We have created a round up just for that! Continue reading for the amazing products we’re raving about.

  1. Cleaning heat resistant gloves- Have you ever thrown your pot scrubbing brush in the dish washer before washing your pots and pans? I feel like we have all been guilty of that. That’s why these heat resistant silicone gloves are the perfect dish washing product that leaves your hands untouched and not pruned!
  2. Dryer vent cleaner brush- Do you ever worry about your dryer catching on fire due to a clogged vent trap? Put that worry at bay by purchasing this amazing set of dryer vent cleaner kits. I love that it cost under $10!
  3. Microfiber duster- Dusty fans, baseboards, ceiling corners and surfaces will no longer be dusty thanks to this microfiber duster. It comes in under $10 as well, and your blinds will be thanking you!
  4. Cordless shower scrubber– Gone are the days of cleaning your shower on your hands and knees. What once was an all day affair, can now be done in minutes thanks to this cordless scrubber. It has two built in batteries and is completely adjustable to reach the hard places.
  5. Glass spray bottles– Ditch the plastic and replace all of your cleaning spray bottles with these gorgeous glass spray bottles instead. Grab this label maker to make sure you know which bottle has what in it!
  6. Roomba– This smart vacuum is the star of the show. We purchased one to vacuum our upstairs, and will purchase another one when we finish our basement. We love it so much we did an entire post on it. Check that out our minimalist cleaning routine here!

So what do you guys think? Did you love our round up for house cleaning products that will change your life? We hope so! Let us know which product was your favorite. Pin the graphic at the top of this post and save it to Pinterest.

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