Kitchen products you need

Here is a round up of our favorite kitchen products you need for your home!

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We spend so much time in our kitchen. I’ve realized that by having certain products in our kitchen, life is so much easier! Being organized and having time saving utensils makes my time in the kitchen so much smoother. Today I’m sharing a round up of kitchen products you need to add to your arsenal! Do you love checking out product round ups? So do we! That’s why we created a products we love page to share all of our finds with you!

  1. Plastic cutting mats- I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been frustrated with our old cutting boards that moved around on the counter every time I used them. I love that these cutting boards are non porous so I don’t have to worry about left behind food. You get 6 for less than $15!
  2. Nutribullet- Do you love smoothies? Love creating soups? We do, too! We use this blender multiple times a week. Our favorite thing to make in this blender are smoothies. We have had this blender for 4+ years now and absolutely love it and recommend it!
  3. Food storage labels- I love labeling, especially a pantry. Having glass containers to store your food in is such a great way to eliminate plastic.
  4. Stainless steel salad chopper- I love salads. What I love more than salads is making fast salads. This stainless steel salad chopper makes making salads so easy and fast!
  5. Stainless steel dish drying rack- You can use this for two purposes, underneath hot pans to protect your counter tops, or over your sink for fruits and vegetables!
  6. Sprayer head attachment- Nothing is worse than having a dirty sink with a faucet that doesnt move. This sprayer head attachment has three different settings and different size gaskets so you can install instantly!
  7. Flour sack towels- I don’t love sponges, so these flour sack towels are a great alternative for cleaning the counters. They’re super easy to wash and bleach for all mess types! I love having a handful of these around. You can get a 12 pack for less than $20!

What do you guys think about our kitchen products you need round up? We hope they solved a few of your kitchen problems. Make sure to shop the products below and pin the graphic above to your Pinterest to save these products for later!

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