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How to make an easy DIY wood rainbow

Today I’m going to show you how to make your own DIY wood rainbow using scrap wood!

Yesterday I created a DIY wood rainbow wall decor using scrap wood we had leftover from our DIY bathroom vanity. This was such a fun project. We plan on hanging this in our daughters room, which we’re currently transforming. I wanted inexpensive decor, therefore I decided to create my own! In other words this was the perfect time to get creative with what I had on hand.

I’ve seen so many amazing rainbow projects on Pinterest. It’s one of my favorite sources for inspiration. By the way, are you following us on Pinterest yet? If not come on over and hang out! After that, stop by our Instagram and say hello!

My favorite part about this project is that I already had everything on hand. If you don’t have one of the exact materials on the list, just improvise with what you do have to make this DIY project as affordable as possible! In other words, get creative!

Here’s a list of the materials you’ll need to create your own DIY wood rainbow.


  1. Scrap wood- I used these three pieces of this trim I had leftover from Home Depot and a piece of this particle board from a previous project.
  2. Wood filler- I love using this wood filler for all of my wood projects.
  3. Nail gun- We’ve always had Dewalt nail guns, and this one in hands down our favorite.
  4. Paint- You can use any paint you’d like. This is a great inexpensive option!, I used a can of paint from our recent hallway renovation.
  5. String- I used this one. In addition to this, this, or this depending on how busy you want your rainbow to be!
  6. Wood glue- This is my favorite wood glue.
  7. Hangers- I had a few of these leftover from one of my DIY large canvas art and they worked perfectly for this small project!

Above all, use your imagination and don’t create boundaries! For instance, if your rainbow doesn’t look exactly like your inspiration, don’t sweat it! The beauty in creating is making something that YOU love.

I decided it would be easier to post a video tutorial on how I made this wall decor. Therefore I’m posting a Youtube video tutorial for you to enjoy below! Then, that make sure you head over to our Instagram for more behind the scenes. We saved this DIY to our highlights!

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "how to make a diy wood rainbow"

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