Fanny pack round up

I love fanny packs! They’re coming back in style, although I’m declaring that they never actually left. I’ve personally never really been a big fan of purses, therefore I don’t carry many items with me. After all, I am a minimalist. Usually when I’m out and about I only have three things, my Iphone,debit card and my car keys. If I don’t use my debit card, I always have apple pay as a back up. Today’s fanny pack round up is a collection of both dress up, casual, and athletic fanny packs. You can shop the links below for your favorite fanny pack.

Three items is totally doable when it comes to hip hugger, or belt bag, which they’re also referred to, storage. I can comfortably fit all three of these items into a fanny pack. The aesthetic of fanny packs have also come such a long way. You still have your OG fanny packs, like this one and this one. You also have the options for a more minimal and solid look like this one. I personally will wear all of the above depending on what outfit I’m wearing that day.

Here are some of my favorite fanny packs for our fanny pack round up. They’re budget friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and multi functional depending on your outfit of the day. Shop the links below.

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