How to build a DIY drawer organizer

We recently got some happy mail from Lito Linen and towels. They’re absolutely gorgeous kitchen towels and we needed somewhere to put them. Today I’m going to show you how to build a DIY drawer organizer for your own kitchen towels! This is an extremely easy and affordable diy project for your home. First, make sure you guys are following along on Pinterest and Instagram where we share behind the scenes, diy projects, beauty, and cleaning products!

I’ve been trying to focus on our neglected Youtube Channel, so today I’m posting this tutorial in video form. We would love it if you stopped by and subscribed!


Materials used:

(2) 1×2 8 ft boards

Miter saw

Nail gun

Finishing nails

Tape measure

How to:

First thing you’ll need to do is measure the width and depth of your drawer. Once you have those two measurements make the cuts to your 1×2. I always make sure I do a dry fit to make sure everything fits. Once you know the divider fits, remove from your drawer and nail the perimeter frame together.

Finally take measurements for whatever you’re using the dividers for. In this case, I was using the drawer divider for my kitchen towels. I used my kitchen towels for my measurements. Since they were all three different sizes, I spaced my vertical dividers accordingly.

That’s it! Roll up your towels, and your new DIY drawer organizer/divider is ready to be used! Easy as that. I hope you guys loved this tutorial on how to build a DIY drawer organizer. Make sure you save this project for later by pinning the graphics below, along with our Youtube video!

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