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How to build an easy DIY swing set

This weekend we were finally able to build a swing set out of our old play set wood. If you’ve been following for awhile, then you remember we turned the bottom half of the old play set into a DIY swing picnic table for the backyard. Firstly, I’m going to show you guys how to build an easy DIY swing set with a Youtube video. Secondly, I’m going to share the materials we used for this diy swing set. Thirdly I want to know what you guys thought about this in the comments!

Above all, we hope you guys really enjoy this super easy DIY swing set tutorial.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "diy swing set"

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However, back to the swing set. It took us ten minutes to build the entire thing! Instead of step by step in photos, I actually time lapsed the entire process for you guys! Before you watch the video below, we would love it if you guys subscribed to our Youtube Channel! Our goal is to hit 100 subscribers this month!

Youtube Video Tutorial


Here’s a list of materials we used for this DIY swing set:

  1. (1) 4×6
  2. (4) 4×4
  3. (2) A frame brackets
  4. (4) Ground anchors
  5. Chain
  6. (4) Quick link
  7. (4) Eye bolt
  8. (2) Swings
  9. (4) Swing hangers
  10. Outdoor lights
  11. Exterior paint
  12. C hooks
  13. Paint brush

Finally, once we finished building our DIY swing set, we painted the entire thing with fence paint . After that we hung up the lights and were good to go!

We hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial for how to build an easy DIY swing set. Let us know in the comments if you build one for your own backyard! Pin the graphic below to save this project for later!

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