One Room Challenge Fall 2020- Week three

Firstly! Week three? Secondly! This One Room Challenge is flying by. To catch you guys up so far we’ve removed a reach in closet, built a do it yourself platform bed, painted the walls,finished framing the walls for the bed, and installed Tempaper wallpaper! Meanwhile,the room is coming together so fast. Therefore it’s time for a One Room Challenge Fall 2020- Week three update!


This is a HUGE week for this bedroom transformation. First, we ventured down to our local Ikea and purchased another pax wardrobe.Our home is older and we totally lacked all storage. We added a pax wardrobe in our hallway, laundry room, and older boys bedroom! Needless to say, we were so excited to add one in here, too.

We decided to use plywood for this, and leave it completely unfinished. We decided to base the arch measurements off of our DIY under bed drawer storage.

Here’s how her bed looked after it was framed and the drawers were built and installed.

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We added two custom drawers underneath her bed so she could have extra toy/shoe/book storage! They are half of the depth of her bed, so they’re a pretty good size!

Below is a behind the scenes video of the DIY arch bed progression! For instance, we touched base on how we added little notches to the side of the arches for the drawers.


  1. Removed reach in closet
  2. DIY platform full size bed
  3. Pax wardrobe installed
  4. DIY arch for full size bed complete
  5. Tempaper removable wallpaper installed

However there’s a few more things we need to do still. Here’s a short list of what we still need to add to the room:

  1. Add a light above the bed (I think I’m going to DIY one!)
  2. Finish adding the trim/baseboards
  3. Paint touch up
  4. New mattress
  5. New bedding
  6. Curtains for bed
  7. Window shade


Here’s what the arch looks like!

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What do you guys think? We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It was such a simple and affordable project that made a HUGE impact in this room!

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our One Room Challenge Fall 2020- Week three! There are so many talented people transforming spaces. Make sure to check out the ORC blog to check out everyone who linked up! In other words, go get inspired!!

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Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "One Room Challenge Fall 2020- Week three"

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