Six Christmas items to thrift

The other day I stopped by our local Goodwill in hopes of finding some minimal Christmas decor on a strict budget. I totally lucked out and came across just enough goodies to completely style our new DIY floating shelves in our small hallway! First I’m not really big on decorating for holidays, however I definitely think a little can go along way without feeling like Christmas has taken over your home. Today I’m going to be sharing six Christmas items to thrift for your holiday decor.

Thrifting is always a hit or miss in regards to finding what you’re looking for. My advice is to go into a thrift store with an open mind. Have a small “wish list” in mind, and try and stick to that vision. For instance, I was hoping to find a wreath/greenery and some cute bells. I lucked out and found BOTH. However, this isn’t always the case, so if you have to pivot, pivot!

What to thrift


Goodwill, and most other thrift stores, always have a plethora of vases to choose from. I always keep my eye open for vases that have a certain height, shape, and texture. I’m looking for vases that I can put taller dried grass in. Vases with a texture always look amazing with a fresh coat of spray paint. In fact, spray paint can really make any vase look like an upscale knock off.

Wooden bowls:

There are endless possibilities for wooden bowls. They’re a great option to place smaller items in, for instance, vintage Christmas bells! If the thrifted wooden bowls are your favorite color you can always sand them down by hand or with a sander. I also love the look of stacked bowls.


Whether it’s a wreath, or garland, I’m always on the hunt for a great foliage find for my year round decor. Goodwill, and other thrift stores, normally always have an aisle specifically for greenery/wreaths/Christmas/Holiday decor. If a wreath or garland has items on it that you don’t really care for, remember you can always remove those with scissors or heavy duty clippers.

Candle stick holders:

Brass/gold candle stick holders are all the rave right now. They are pretty hard to come by. However, I feel like you can almost always score a great glass candle stick or a bulkier larger candle holder of some kind. Taper candle stick holders add so much character to a shelf for your Christmas decor. I always pick up a handful of these candles for shelf styling.

Knick knacks:

I don’t usually love knick knacks, as I like to keep it as minimal as possible. However, sometimes you’ll come across a random item that’s just too awesome to pass up. I often find these knick knacks in the holiday aisle or by the vases. Like the wreaths and vases, remember you can always alter the look of a knick knack to match your decor. This is my favorite spray paint to use for these projects!


I love incorporating photography into my shelf vignettes. Goodwill, and thrift stores, always have a huge selection of frames to choose from. I always examine the back of the frames to make sure they’re easy to swap out. I’ve come across several older frames that you have to completely disassemble. Unless the artwork in the built in frame matches my vision, I’m looking for an easy switch out when I get home. Wood frames are usually my favorite as you can strip them and make the frame appear more neutral/natural. Obviously you can spray paint frames as well, this just isn’t my personal preference.

Shelf styling:

Now that I’ve shared my six Christmas items to thrift, I want to show you how I incorporated all of these into our new DIY floating shelves in our hallway!

Here is what the shelves looked like before I started.

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Here is what the shelves look like styled.

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How to:

I staggered the two neutral wreaths I snagged for $.99! These are my favorite tapered candles that really pop against the beige walls. That wooden bowl is holding the cutest little vintage Christmas bells. Peep that cute french horn knick knack that I couldn’t pass up. The vases on the top right, middle left, and bottom left shelf were all spray painted. I love adding textured spray paint to my vases. This is my favorite kind from The Home Depot!

In other words, here are a few other views of my styled Christmas inspired shelves.

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I took that landscape photo on a recent family vacation for Thanksgiving. I really love it in this white frame with cream mat.

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How perfect are these neutral beige wreaths? For instance, I love that they’re a tad warmer than the walls.

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I still cannot believe I came across these cuties. The perfect mini vintage Christmas bells! Similarly they’d look so cute strung on some fishing line and hung across the shelves or above a kitchen window.

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If you haven’t incorporated dried grass into your Christmas decor, I can’t recommend it enough. This is my favorite dried grass, and I literally use it in every single room of our home. In addition, it’s the perfect warmth, can be trimmed, and looks so real. I think I’ll put a candle in that oil burner. I sprayed this long cylinder vase with this textured spray!

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I’m so glad I ended up doing the wood slat detail on the top of the DIY floating shelves. It really goes well with all the different textures of the Christmas decor. We are so in love with this color scheme. What about you guys?

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