How to build a firewood rack

We built our own firewood rack a few weeks ago, and we’re so impressed with the first part of our build. In case you missed it click the button below to view part one! We we’re able to build our DIY firewood rack using leftover scrap wood from our DIY shed (part one, part two).

We haven’t done an updated shed post on our blog yet, however we have shared a few afters on our Instagram account! If you’re not following us over there what are you waiting for? You’ll find all of our behind the scenes on projects and what we’re currently working on!

So back to our diy firewood storage. We used scrap wood because we didn’t want to spend a lot of additional funds on storage when we had enough to make our own plan! I shared our original inspiration on the first part of our build. The only thing we left off (for now) was a higher shelf for wood kindling. We may or may not add that, or we may just end up storing the kindling wood inside our shed! Regardless we put some finishing touches on the firewood rack and it looks so amazing!

Last time you guys saw the firewood rack it looked like this:

As you can see we used 2×4’s and plywood for the base and four supports! For the side slats we used leftover treated 1×4’s. For the top we used thicker plywood. We knew we wanted the rack to match the shed, so the first thing we did was install leftover shingles from the shed roof!

Here’s a progress shot of Scot installing the shingles. We nailed them in like a normal roof. They are exposed underneath, but we can easily go back through and grind those off with our grinder!

We ended up securing the top layer of shingles with a dap of liquid nail since we didn’t much sunshine in our forecast after this step. Normally you could set it out in the sun and the heat would melt the glue that’s underneath the shingles.

Next we filled the holes on the side slats with wood filler so you couldn’t really see them from the side view, and sanded them down once they were dry. Once they were sanded, we painted our firewood rack the same color as the shed! Here’s a full shot of the firewood rack once the shingles were installed (before painted)

Coming together right?? Are you guys ready to see the painted version??? We’re excited to show you! Here’s how our DIY firewood rack currently looks!

This firewood rack was such a fun build, and so affordable thanks to our scrap wood! If you didn’t have this scrap wood laying around, you could easily build this firewood rack on a budget! Check out the oops wood at your local Home Depot! It’s scrap wood that is marked down CRAZY LOW! Most of the time you can score pressure treated wood, making it even better for an outdoor build.

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