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Last year when we refinished our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge, I realized that I never did a formal DIY tutorial about our modern headboard I created. Guys, if you’re looking for a simple and fast, yet sleek and modern headboard, look no further! I got you!

It’s no surprise that I love wood slats. I’ve incorporated them pretty much in every space of our home. Click on the buttons below if you want to check out our other DIY wood slat projects we’ve created so far! They’re also great inexpensive projects you can complete on the weekend! They’re all wonderful Spring and Summer projects to knock out!

Today I wanted to share the most simple tutorial on the internet for creating your own DIY wood slat headboard for your bed! We have a king size bed, but you can adjust and recreate this for any size bed! First here’s a list of the materials and tools you’ll need for this diy project.


  • Plywood- We used THIS ONE for our diy headboard


That’s it! Let’s get started!

So here’s a slowed down version of the headboard, because that video was a sped up timelapse. I mainly just wanted to make sure you guys had a visual to put with the wording! 🙂

First you’ll want to determine how big you want your headboard. We have a very small master bedroom with awkwardly placed windows in our room, so the best solution was to but the headboard up against the wall (on the right side of the bed) and to the edge of the left side of the bed to leave room between that left window. Here’s a side view of our workspace.

  • Figure out how thick you want your wood slats. I ripped my plywood slats down to one inch pieces with our tablesaw. This gave me the sleek modern look I was going for.

  • Once you know how thick you’re going to make your plywood slats, determine how tall you want it to be. I did this by measuring from the floor up to the top of our mattress. I knew that I wanted the headboard to sit just above the bed leave about a 3 inch gap. Here’s a visual of the gap I’m referring to.

  • Once you figure out the thickness of your headboard/how tall you want it, cut a plywood strip, the same dimensions as your wood slats, and make four cuts at the height of your headboard. Reference the time lapse video above.

  • In order to install this properly and safely, you’ll want to grab your stud finder and locate the studs where you’re going to install your headboard. This is where you will attach your four support pieces on the bullet above!

  • Install your supports into your studs and then grab your cut plywood wood slats to start created your DIY modern headboard.

  • I used a scrap piece of a plywood strip for my wood slat spacing. This is totally personal preference, you can space your wood slats however you’d like.

  • Once you determine your spacing, start installing your wood slats one by one all the way down the wall on your supports.

This is the only photo I grabbed of the entire headboard. Yes there’s laundry and old blankets on the bed. Yes the lighting is awful. Yes the window doesn’t have any trim. It was a busy One Room Challenge! BUT this will give you a good visual of headboard placement. Let’s just pay attention to the pretty and modern wood slat headboard. K? 🙂

Guys, can you believe it! That’s it! That was SO incredibly fast and easy! Measure your wood/space, cut your wood, nail your wood! BAM! And now you have a modern wood slat headboard for any bed in your home! I also wanted to add a little “nightstand shelf” on Scot’s side of the bed. I did this by taking a scrap piece of plywood and nailing it to the headboard. Here’s what that looked like once it was installed.

Here are a few more photos of the headboard after I styled it for our final reveal.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our easy DIY modern wood slat headboard. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Pinterest to see our current DIY projects and what’s currently inspiring us!

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