Install a custom door for less than $100

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Ever since ‘quarantine’ started Scot has been working from home. If you can imagine our house can be extremely loud and crazy. It was imperative for us to make the office space a little more silent during zoom calls and meetings. If you’ve been following us for awhile, then you know these are our signature This Minimal House doors. We did the same exact sliding doors in our master bedroom closet.

The install was so easy, especially since our ceilings aren’t finished in the basement yet. This allowed us to customize the door install. If you have a doorway opening, or dated closet doors, this is the perfect afternoon DIY project to tackle to instantly update your space!

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to try this out yourself.

  • Sliding door track– This one is extremely inexpensive and offers customization if you don’t need this much length.

  • Silicone – You could use construction adhesive as well. We used this specifically because we were working with a concrete basement floor.

  • Drill- You’ll need this to secure the track to your ceiling + attach front board.

  • Screws– Substitute length depending on your specific workspace.

  • Saw– To cut your wood door to size.

  • Sandpaper– To touch up a few spots on your wood door after cutting it down.

  • 2×4– You may or may not need this. We specifically needed it to attach in the ceiling.

  • Wood– Whichever wood matches your home the best.

  • Tape measure – To measure the opening for your track and door.

Let’s get started!

First we measured and cut down a 2×4 to install it in between the joists of the ceiling. This allowed us to install our custom sliding door flush with the ceiling. Ignore the dog hair covered floors. Once we put floors in, we will invest in another Roomba (this is the one we have upstairs). WE HAVE ALOT OF DOG HAIR. I REPEAT WE HAVE A LOT OF DOG HAIR!!! haha

Next Scot did his custom jig into the side of the 2×4’s. You can absolutely use your kreg jig here if you wanted to, but this method works great as well. This allowed us to easily screw the boards into the joints.

This is what the 2×4’s looked like once they were secured into the ceiling. (We also had already attached the track to the 2×4’s using our drill and screws. Before you hang your track, measure the width of the area you’re working in to determine whether or not you need to trim your track. We had to cut a few inches off of ours.

Here’s a photo of the track on the left side. We attached our track to existing 2×4’s that were in the office ceiling.

Once the door was cut and ready to be hung on the track, we attached the included hardware in the track set. It comes with four, but we only used two. This step definitely requires two people, as the door will be slightly heavy. That huge hole you see above the door track is a return vent that we are redirecting in our basement. Do not fear.

And here’s a before and after!

We now have a quiet office working space, and a DIY custom sliding door for our basement. We are so obsessed with how it turned out, and love that this entire project cost less than $100! You can’t beat that!

What do you guys think?!? Will you be trying this project in your home? I wasn’t loving any of the hardware I was finding in the store, so I ordered a piece that will be arriving today! I’ll be sure to share that on here and on Instagram, so stay tuned.

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