The best self care products on a budget

These are a few of my favorite picks for self care products on a budget.

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Self care should always be first and foremost in your life. Mental health is a crucial to a happy and healthy lifestyle. That’s why I believe these are some of the best self care products on a budget that you need to add to your arsenal. We love doing round ups. If you love round ups make sure to check out our minimal capsule wardrobe for fall or our office supplies you need to add to your home.

Do you work on your feet a lot? If you stand and are really active two of these products are a great solution for your feet. You need to buy one of these foot peels, and follow it with a foot massage! Firstly, it will help alleviate pressure on your feet, as well as eliminate the tough built up skin. Secondly, who wouldn’t want a spa experience in your own home?

Massages are so important for great circulation. Another great benefit to massages are relieving pressure points. That’s why I recommend a product like this neck and shoulder self massage.

Facials are one of my favorite things to do at home. Check out this little snippet of my at home facial using two of my favorite products. (This and this) I love starting with my favorite face steamer to really allow my pores to open up all the way.

Do you ever pay attention to your teeth? If you drink coffee or darker carbonated drinks than I’m sure you’ve wanted to have whiter teeth. I’ve always had the best luck with crest white strips. This is a great box to try out!

These affordable gadgets/products are a great way to facilitate a positive self care routine. Shop the products below.

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