Skin care beauty regiment product highlight

I’ve been using a new skin care routine for the past couple of months and I am absolutely loving it. Since I’ve been using it on my skin for awhile, and have tested the waters of my sensitivity, I wanted to start adding some product reviews to our blog, in case you’re in the market for a new skin care. This skin care beauty regiment product highlight is going to be the Baobab Lip mask and the high definition mascara. Both are a few of my favorites that I’ve been using.

Typically you won’t ever see me with heavy makeup on. In fact I would be perfectly content and rely on these two products to get me out the door. Over the years, I’ve really implemented a natural look, allowing me to feel 100% comfortable in my own skin. Needless to say, I’ve definitely gained softer, hydrated, and moisturized skin as well thanks to the other components on my skin care routine, like the hydrating serum and hydrating moisturizer. My favorite combo for my lips is hands down the sugar lip scrub and Baobab lip mask.

My eyelashes have never, ever been this long or full before. It’s very hard to put into words how much I absolutely love the high definition mascara. I have naturally lighter eyelashes, but man when I apply this mascara it’s a night and day difference. I have a goal to share a skin care beauty regiment product highlight and routine soon on our Instagram!

If you’d like to try some products, I’d love to answer any of your questions. I’ve shared a photo and linked the shop for both the Boabab lip mask and high definition mascara below.


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