What I bought this week

I thought it would be fun to share what I bought this week.

Soda Stream

I’ve been wanting a soda stream for a while now for different reasons, and finally jumped. You can purchase this in several different colors. Click here to get my 20% off code on your next purchase! So far we’ve made our own electrolyte balance and lemon lime spritzer with our new bubly drops. You can also purchase several accessories with the soda stream. Shop those accessories below.

Grass Fed Whey Protein

If you work out or want to keep track of your protein intake, you’ve probably tried at least one protein powder. I’ve tried several, and most have hurt my stomach. I’ve been making myself a protein shake all week and not a single issue. In fact, I would say this is the best grass fed whey protein I’ve ever had. Once you find one that works and checks off all of your needs and wants, you never have to switch. I use the pure chocolate and Scot uses the cold brew. Shop the protein and accessories below.

Here’s what I add to my daily protein shake using my favorite blender on this planet (have used it for the past 7 years and it’s still going strong).

  1. Add one peeled banana to your blender cup.
  2. A spoonful of natural peanut butter.
  3. One scoop of your grass fed whey protein.
  4. Roughly a cup of vanilla almond milk (I eyeball it).
  5. A couple of ice cubes.
  6. Blend

Seamless high waisted workout shorts

I absolutely refuse to wear any workout shorts that are not seamless or high waisted. These are so incredibly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing that they also can be worn as biker/jogger shorts under your favorite vintage t-shirts. Speaking of t-shirts you can shop our apparel for a summer tank. You can wear these seamless shorts working in the yard, or working out in the gym. Shop more of my favorite seamless high waisted shorts below. (I own every single pair I’ve linked)

All natural sunscreen

Like the grass fed whey, I want whatever is going on my skin to be as healthy and clean as possible. I would rather not wear any sunscreen if my only options are full of harsh chemicals that are bad for you. I cannot, absolutely cannot recommend a better all natural and healthy sunscreen option that this one. It’s the only brand I use, and will use on myself and my children and feel confident that our skin is in good hands. We took it on our recent beach trip and none of us got burnt. Shop more from the brand below.

Electrolyte Balance

Last but certainly not least on my what I bought this week post. I’m not a fan of how bad electrolyte drinks are for you. We’re a dye free household, and I love being able to implement natural ingredients. This past weekend I purchased this electrolyte balance to use in our soda stream (don’t forget to use this exclusive link for 20% off your purchase). You can find all the instructions on their website.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out what I bought this week. I hope you found some new to you products. I know you’ll love them just as much as I do. Feel free to pin the graphic I’ve created below to your Pinterest boards to save for later. Are you following us on Pinterest? If not come join the party. We share our latest DIY projects, and what’s inspiring us.

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