You won’t believe what we just bought for our backyard

We’re tackling a huge project! It’s something we’ve been dreaming about, and the timing was just never right. However, it’s finally happening! You won’t believe what we just bought for our backyard. A POOL!

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We’ve lived in our home approximately seven years, and don’t have access to a neighborhood pool. Above all I still can’t believe we found a company that still had pools in stock.

I did a question box on Instagram after showing a little sneak peek of Scot working in the backyard. Today I wanted to answer a few questions. I’ll start by sharing a few of the questions, after that I’ll share what we’ve accomplished so far.

What did you buy?

We purchased a 27 ft round above ground resin pool.

Why did you buy an above ground vs an in ground?

Our backyard had roughly a three foot slope. That isn’t necessarily a game changer in regards to what kind of pool we chose. Between the kids, dogs and our yard, an in ground pool wasn’t conducive to what we were willing to deal with. (Most importantly think dogs and kids running around in the mud and it draining into the pool.) Likewise, our deck height works better with an above ground pool.

Will you guys be tackling it yourself?

Scot and I will be building this from the ground up ourselves. For instance, company didn’t have any immediate availability for installation, and we wanted our children to be able to use it this summer. Meanwhile, we’re already dying from the heat and humidity. That is to say, we’re very excited to add pool building to our resume!

How long will it take to complete?

We are shooting to have the entire pool finished in two weeks. That is to say, our schedules are quite busy. For instance, we have baseball and travel. Most importantly, the weather has to be permitting. Therefore, we’re aiming for that, and hoping to hit it. In addition to those factors, we are learning as we go.

How will you access the pool?

The plan is to build a cascading deck around the pool in addition to the upper deck. In other words, give us a little more seating around the pool.

What does the building process look like?

First we had 5 pine trees removed from our backyard. We hired this job out. Next, we had someone level the backyard. Once the trees were removed and the backyard was leveled we could start working on the pool. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far.

  1. Leveled the entire yard where we had it cleared. Removing all excess rocks and roots.
  2. Found the radius of the pool and marked it with a conduit pipe. Next we sprayed the perimeter on the ground using spray paint.
  3. Leveled the concrete blocks.

What’s next?

Tomorrow we will have sand and granite dust delivered. The granite dust is used to level the bottom frame and the pavers. The sand will be going in the middle of the pool to lay a soft base for the liner to sit on.

Follow us on Instagram. We will be posting sneak peeks and behind the scenes of this pool build.

In conclusion, we are so excited to be adding a pool to our backyard and to be bringing you guys along for the ride. You won’t believe what we just bought for our backyard will soon be, “you won’t believe what we just built in our backyard!”

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