How to make a vase from a flat piece of wood

When it comes to decor we have a handful of vases that we love. Some are thrifted, some were purchased on clearance, but all of them have their own unique look. I’ve sprayed some of our vases with my favorite spray paint. I’ve “flicked” paint on using an old toothbrush and extra paint. I love to add additional textures like this dried grass!

Today I’m going to show you how I put a twist on a vase by transforming a flat piece of leftover MDF board, and turning it into a round vase! Sounds fun right?

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5 modern DIY projects you have to try

I think we can all agree we love DIY projects, Tackling a do it yourself project not only gives you more financial freedom, but it allows you to create and bring the vision to life that fits your space perfectly. Do it yourself projects give you the biggest sense of pride. YOU DID THAT! You built that! You sketched that! I’m always looking on Pinterest for home decor and design inspiration. There are so many talented individuals that encourage an entire DIY community to tackle something fearlessly.

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