How to make a vase from a flat piece of wood

When it comes to decor we have a handful of vases that we love. Some are thrifted, some were purchased on clearance, but all of them have their own unique look. I’ve sprayed some of our vases with my favorite spray paint. I’ve “flicked” paint on using an old toothbrush and extra paint. I love to add additional textures like this dried grass!

Today I’m going to show you how I put a twist on a vase by transforming a flat piece of leftover MDF board, and turning it into a round vase! Sounds fun right?

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5 modern DIY projects you have to try

I think we can all agree we love DIY projects, Tackling a do it yourself project not only gives you more financial freedom, but it allows you to create and bring the vision to life that fits your space perfectly. Do it yourself projects give you the biggest sense of pride. YOU DID THAT! You built that! You sketched that! I’m always looking on Pinterest for home decor and design inspiration. There are so many talented individuals that encourage an entire DIY community to tackle something fearlessly.

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DIY wood slat wall shelf

Our family room walls are pretty bare, and when I say pretty bare, I actually mean they’re empty. I used to hang stuff on the walls without a second thought left and right. I would leave whatever it was up for a few months, then I would want to take it down and swap it out for something else, which meant joint compound, patching, drying, sanding etc to make sure my wall looked brand new.

These days I’m a little more particular about what goes up on the wall. I am going for design longevity when it comes to my choices these days. That means if I decide to hang something on the wall, I like it enough to stare at it for the next couple of years. This forces me to invest more time in what I really love within the walls of our home.

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Install a custom door for less than $100

Did you guys follow along on Instagram for behind the scenes of this DIY custom sliding door install? If not click the button below and come hang out with us. Make sure you check out our “SLIDING DOOR” highlight while you’re there!


Ever since ‘quarantine’ started Scot has been working from home. If you can imagine our house can be extremely loud and crazy. It was imperative for us to make the office space a little more silent during zoom calls and meetings. If you’ve been following us for awhile, then you know these are our signature This Minimal House doors. We did the same exact sliding doors in our master bedroom closet. If you missed that click the buttons below to be taken to those posts!

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Update your cabinets on a budget

A few months ago we removed our upper cabinets in the kitchen to install our new vent hood above our stove. It was the best move we’ve ever made for the overall design of the kitchen. We stored the remaining cabinets in our basement, but I couldn’t let them get ruined by being moved around. I had a spot in the laundry room where I have been wanting extra storage for our detergent and favorite handheld vacuum to charge.

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One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Final Reveal

The day has officially arrived! We are finished with our THIRD One Room Challenge! That’s crazy to think about! Before we started this challenge we went back and forth on whether we were going to tackle our outdoor space or the hallway. We are SO glad we went with our hallway, because it has done nothing but rain, rain, rain, and rain some more here. The weather wouldn’t have been ideal. I was also worried that our hallway would be too “boring” to transform. Now looking at these final photos, I feel so dumb ever using the word boring to describe our hallway.

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Upgrade your attic door with a hook and pull system

We are scrambling to wrap up the finishing projects for our Spring 2020 One Room Challenge. Yesterday we tackled our attic door, which really needed some attention. Luckily, the project itself wasn’t super intense, however it was a drastic cosmetic change/improvement. The trim around our attic door is original to the house, and since we’ve since replaced all the trim with MDF, we wanted this to match.

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