This DIY project page is where we share our latest projects. These projects include home renovation, furniture builds, room transformations, and scrap wood projects. We hope you enjoy these diy’s and leave feeling encouraged to create your own projects for your home.

One Room Challenge Spring 2020 Final Reveal

The day has officially arrived! We are finished with our THIRD One Room Challenge! That’s crazy to think about! Before we started this challenge we went back and forth on whether we were going to tackle our outdoor space or the hallway. We are SO glad we went with our hallway, because it has done nothing but rain, rain, rain, and rain some more here. The weather wouldn’t have been ideal. I was also worried that our hallway would be too “boring” to transform. Now looking at these final photos, I feel so dumb ever using the word boring to describe our hallway.

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Upgrade your attic door with a hook and pull system

We are scrambling to wrap up the finishing projects for our Spring 2020 One Room Challenge. Yesterday we tackled our attic door, which really needed some attention. Luckily, the project itself wasn’t super intense, however it was a drastic cosmetic change/improvement. The trim around our attic door is original to the house, and since we’ve since replaced all the trim with MDF, we wanted this to match.

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DIY swing picnic table final reveal

Who remembers this hideous thing?!

Do you guys remember at the end of May when we took apart and moved the kids DIY playset that we built for them a few years ago? We had to start planning where we were going to put our walkway to the shed, and the playset was in the way. Moving it was definitely harder than we anticipated due to the unevenness of our yard, however we (Scot) prevailed and it’s final destination was to the right of our DIY shed!

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How to create an accent wall with beadboard

Hey guys! Yesterday on our Instagram I shared behind the scenes of adding this beadboard in between our photo ledges. Make sure you head over there and check it out! It is saved under our “DIY” highlight. ALSO in case you missed it, make sure you follow along because we’re giving away a TIKI brand firepit when we hit 10K followers on Instagram!

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Minimal and modern landscape design

Today we wrapped up the flower bed to the right side of our front porch stairs! Our sidewalk is being poured on Tuesday, so we wanted to get ahead of the game so that once it was poured we could knock out the left side! We knew we wanted minimal and modern landscaping so we put our must have list together and headed to our local nursery and home improvement store.

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DIY sliding closet door

Today I’m going to be sharing how we took our dated 1963 reach in closet, and turned it into a modern and minimal beauty. All of the closets in our home are reach in closets. When we moved in they all had original bi fold doors, and at the time we had young children. We lived with the bi fold doors for as long as we could, but eventually they came down.

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DIY shed ramp

Today we said goodbye to stubbed toes, busted shins, and fallen tools. Gone are the days of struggle. We desperately needed a ramp for our shed opening. If you can imagine, it was really fun watching our kids, and us, try to carry all the bikes and tools back and forth with that step down.

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DIY modern planter box

Planter boxes are one of the easiest ways to upgrade any space in your yard, including your entryway, or in this case in front of a backyard shed! We have been wanting something pretty to put in front of our shed since we finished it, but couldn’t lock down an exact design idea. After going back and forth on a few different looks, we settled on a DIY cinderblock planter box.

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DIY headboard

Last year when we refinished our master bedroom for the One Room Challenge, I realized that I never did a formal DIY tutorial about our modern headboard I created. Guys, if you’re looking for a simple and fast, yet sleek and modern headboard, look no further! I got you!

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DIY modern canvas art

I’ve been working on our One Room Challenge, and in case you didn’t know we’re tackling our hallway this time around, and today was art day! We, I, have been wanting some modern artwork to hang above the basement stairs, but I wanted to keep it extremely budget friendly. I had my eye on a…

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